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Cannes Review – Captain Fantastic

Ben (Viggo Mortensen) and his seven young children live completely removed from society, somewhere in an American forest. When the children’s mother commits suicide while away from her family, Ben is warned not to come to the funeral by the children’s grandfather (Frank Langhella). Ben refuses to take this lying down however, and packs the kids into their trusty bus – that they have named Steve – and head back to civilisation on a road trip that will change the way they live forever. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Two Faces of January

Rydel (Oscar Isaac) is an American working as a tour guide in Greece in 1962. Rydel has carved out a life for himself running tours and running cons on tourists, but all of this changes when he becomes fascinated with Colette (Kirsten Dunst) and her husband Chester (Viggo Mortensen). After the three share a drink, it is not long before Rydel is drafted in to help Chester move to body of a PI, and the relationship between the three becomes stronger, and utterly complicated. Continue reading

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BFI London Film Festival Review – Everybody Has A Plan

Augustin (Viggo Mortensen) and Pedro (also Viggo Mortensen) are twin brothers, but estranged. One is a doctor whose wife is intent on adopting a baby, the other a petty criminal and beekeeper in the Argentinean countryside. When their worlds collide, each brother must make a decision about his own life. Continue reading

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