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Cannes Review – Blood Father

Living a clean and sober life since he got out of prison John Link (Mel Gibson) works as a tattoo artist and is trying to keep his head down. Link’s daughter has ben missing for three years, after she walked away from her mother’s home with no warning, so when she contacts Link out of the blue, he knows this is going to be trouble. He just doesn’t realise how much. Soon, Link finds himself in serious violation of his parole as he fights to save his daughter from drug dealers and thieves who are out to kill her. Continue reading

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One to Watch – January 15th 2016

One to Watch is back for the second time this week! Continue reading

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Cinema Review – Room

Told through the eyes of five year old Jack (Jacob Tremblay), Room is the story of how Joy (Brie Larson) and Jack escaped from the tiny room they have lived in for Jack’s entire life, after Jack learning not only was the only place he has ever known his entire life is bad, but also that all the things he sees on TV are in fact real, and there is an entire world beyond the four walls of room. Continue reading

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Cinema Review – The Sessions

Based on the true story of Polio survivor Mark O’Brien, The Sessions follows O’Brien’s search for love through the lenses of sex, guilt and religion. Continue reading

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